Do I Need a Fishing License? 

Yes, everyone 16 or older is required to have a NY fishing license. They are easily obtained on-line www.takemefishing.org, by phone (866) 933-2257 or through your local sport shop, Walmart, etc. Please purchase these in advance as there are often delays in the system whether purchasing on line or in a store.


Is Your Trip Rate Per Angler? 

No, or advertised rate is for the group, up to 4 on the bigger boat or up to 3 on the smaller. There is an additional per person fee if there will be more people than that. Keep in mind we can never take groups larger than 6 on the boat.


How Should I Dress? 

Be comfortable and dress in layers. It is often cooler on the lake than on shore, especially in the early spring. Soft soled shoes or sneakers. When in doubt bring an extra layer of clothes.


Do we Need to Bring a Cooler? 

On board you will  only need a small cooler for your food or drinks. We have a cooler for the fish. When the trip is over you will need a cooler to transport your fillets home.


Do You Clean The Fish? 

Yes. Your catch will be cleaned, filleted and bagged for you to take along and enjoy.


What Time do Trips Leave? 

Depending on the season but most morning trips will depart between 5 – 6 AM. Afternoons will depart between 2 – 4 PM. I will do my best to accommodate any special time requests you may have.